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Brief information about the Scottish Afghan Society

The Scottish Afghan Society (SAS) was established in Glasgow in 2001 by the Afghan community in Scotland, to help and support the Afghan people who live here. Since 1999 a significant number of Afghan refugees who fled Afghanistan because of the problems they had there, entered the UK in order to settle in a safe country. Among those who came to Scotland, there was a growing demand for the establishment of an Afghan Society in Scotland.

Subsequently on the 4th November 2012 an election was held, organised by an interim committee for the Afghan community in Glasgow, Scotland, to elect individuals to serve as Committee members Therefore, the SAS's third AGM was held on 23rd of November 2014 and new management committee was elected as follows:

SAS Committee Members;

Ahmad Tariq Faiz: Chairperson – Scottish Afghan Society

Chairperson – Scottish Afghan Society

Ahmad Tariq Faiz

Mr Faiz was elected as chairperson on middle of april 2016, he has been an active member of the Society and now the management board. He is a spokesperson and figurehead, he possesses relevant knowledge, skills such as decision making, perobem solving, team working and ambition to lead the society also, he has 4 years experince of of working with Afghan Orphan charity based in england as a signatury and member of management board.

Feda Mohammad Ashgari: Vice Chairperson – Scottish Afghan Society

Trustee – Scottish Afghan Society

Feda Mohammad Ashgari

Mr Ashgari was elected as a member of management board on November 2014, he possessed good skills to be an active individual within the management team. mostly he is assistting other members in preforming the tasks.

Abdullah ghausi: Scottish Afghan Society

Trustee – Scottish Afghan Society

Abdullah ghausi:

Mr Ghausi joined the society management board on November 2015. he is an effective member and work well. he has the responsibilities to held the events with excellent environment. also he participate in responsibilities assigned by manganement board.

Masood Najib: Scottish Afghan Society

Trustee – Scottish Afghan Society

Masood Najib:

Masood Najib is resident in the United Kingdom since the year 2002. He has a Civil Engineering background . He is a functioning member of the society and has taken part in many roles such as education, sports and currently the treasurer. Under his rule the SAS football club progressed in to the local leagues, similarly in the education sector the Pashto and Dari classes were running smoothly. Now as treasurer he performs his duties effectively and plays a key role in the pleasant running of the society.

Najib Hanifzay: Scottish Afghan Society

Trustee – Scottish Afghan Society

Najib Hanifzay:

Najib Hanifzay is a resident in the United Kingdom since 2000 and joined the board in the year 2015. He is an active member of the society and is the head of the funeral service and also takes part in events management. He takes on his responsibility and duties efficiently assigned by board of management.

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