We aim to provide the following services:

Advisory Services:

• A wide variety legal advice and assistance on immigration and refugee issues.

• Academic advice for young people to give them information on the different courses available in various colleges and universities.

• Benefit issues, such as housing benefit, e.g: giving advice and assistance on understanding and completing the relevant forms and applications.

• General advice determined by people’s needs, and assistance with related paperwork.

Education Services:

• Giving advice to every one regarding every field in education

• Establishing English, Dari and Pashto classes for women and children

• Creating workshops and activities for women, young people and children to develop different skills, e.g. computing classes for women.

• Creating classes on the Quran and other Islamic subjects, for women and children

• Creating culture classes to teach the young generation about their own history as well as cultural studies in English, Pashto and Dari

• Organising short trips for children, young people and the elderly to visit different parts of Scotland

Health Services:

• General advice about NHS services in Scotland

• Emotional support and advice from our qualified doctors in their own native languages

Sports and Events:

Encouraging the young Afghan generation to get involved in different sports of their choice, such as:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Fitness classes

Providing advice and information about all the above mentioned sports, including related health and safety issues.

Organising different Cultural and Islamic events such as Ramadan, Eid days, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Afghanistan Independence Day, New Year etc. Communication and cohesion within the Afghan community will be improved by bringing together elders, men, women and children in this way.

Bereavement Services:

• To carry out the funeral services for Afghans who currently reside in Scotland, and if required, to repatriate the deceased to Afghanistan.

• To help and comfort any Afghans who lose a loved one.

Elders Council:

• Organising events in order to invite Afghan elders to give advice about different Islamic and Cultural subjects to the young generation

• Taking Elders on various short trips to show them different parts of Scotland, along with information about Scottish life, culture and history.

• Information about Scottish life and culture in Pashto and Dari languages for elders who have difficulties understanding English

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